Reasons Vitamin C is Very Important for Skin Care

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If you have passed through the skincare isle of late or basically in the past decade you already know that there is no shortage of age-defying active ingredients such as Vitamin C that are infused in the beauty products that we use. Usually, a single ingredient in a product is usually hyped for marketing purposes but if you ask any dermatology guru, you will be told that the best results on skin care are always achieved by a combination of effective ingredients which work hand in hand to give your skin a healthy boost. However, vitamin C is one of the exceptions, it is a multi-functional ingredient which can treat a range of skin related issues. That is why it is among the most popular active ingredients in beauty products.  Below is a detailed dossier which will enable you to know why Vitamin C is very vital to skincare.  


Vitamin C is a powerful anti-oxidant which makes it very vital to our skin. As we get older, the skin’s ability to produce antioxidants slows down significantly which leads to the accumulation of free radicals. Antioxidant protection from this ingredient helps in fighting off free radicals (rogue molecules which accelerate skin conditions such as premature aging).

Soothes and Heals

Vitamin C or rather beauty products that contain it must also be topically applied on a daily basis since the ingredient aids in reducing irritation and inflammation of the skin. Moreover, using Vitamin C on your skin after you have had a breakout will accelerate your skin’s healing ability so that your post-breakout red marks can heal as quickly as possible. It also significantly diminishes the appearance of sun damage defects such as brown spot to help improve the tone of your skin.


This is one of the reasons why Vitamin C is among the most appreciated skin care ingredients. It helps in improving the natural production of collagen by the skin. Collagen is the skin protein that is responsible for supporting the structure of the skin to keep it firm and strong. As we advance in age, collagen starts breaking down and it gets tougher for our skin to rebuild it efficiently. This is what leads to sagging skin. But then if you include this active ingredient into your skincare regimen, then your skin will have the support and strength that it needs.

Boost The Performance of Sunscreens

According to proven scientific research, the use of Vitamin C on your skin increases the efficacy of the sunscreens that we use for protecting our skin against harmful UV radiation. This radiation from the sun is quite damaging to the skin and it is one of the factors that also leads to premature aging. Using sunscreen in combination with Vitamin C will make sure that your skin is fortified enough to keep it radiant and attractive.

In short, if your skin care routine does not include Vitamin C then you must start using it if you want what is best for your skin. You definitely don’t want to miss out on the benefits of this skin care powerhouse!

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