All New Gluten Free Skincare Products Hit the Market

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Gluten Free Skincare Products

Currently, the majority of the people know all about gluten-free diets and they understand the methodology behind that type of eating. There are individuals who follow this diet due to celiac disease while others follow it as a method of shedding a few extra pounds. Apart from that, there are still those who avoid gluten because they believe that gluten is a toxin that will curtail their brain power!

Irrespective of your stance on gluten, there is a good chance that you never knew that there is a wide range of everyday skincare and beauty products that have gluten listed as part of their ingredients. However, Fortunately, thanks to skincare lines such as goop and Tammy Fender, we can now pay attention to what we put on our bodies, the same way we pay attention to what we put in our bodies. In fact, goop claims that they are so natural that you could literally eat the products!

In spite of the current living trend of organic, natural and gluten-free, the individuals who in reality live with celiac disease must be a lot more careful, and this creates a need for gluten-free body care products in the market. Jennifer Esposito, the owner Jennifer’s Way, a gluten-free bakery based in NYC who is also an actress, has made it her mission to help in filling that need. She recently helped in the launching of Éclair Naturals, a luxurious line of pure skin and body care products that are soy and gluten free. Apart from that, these products are also vegan and cruelty-free. After the actress had been diagnosed with severe celiac back in 2013, she took it upon herself to aid others in steering the tricky disease in a world that seems to be filled with gluten.

Eclair Gluten Free Skincare Products

In an interview, Jennifer insisted that the size of the gluten molecule is just too big for it to be absorbed by the skin. When she was diagnosed with celiac, her hair had already started falling out in clumps and she had a burning scalp. All these came to a stop the moment she stopped using the gluten shampoo.

As much as these gluten-free products aren’t necessarily meant for those that don’t have celiac disease, this line of beauty products does not contain any composition of parabens whatsoever. Finding such a product is quite difficult particularly if you are looking for something pocket-friendly. Whether you lead a lifestyle that is free of gluten or not, you want to use clean products because what you are putting on your skin really matters, at least according to Esposito.

All the range of products from Éclair Naturals are non-GMO certified and they are manufactured here in the USA and as luck may have it for us, their price tags are not as hefty as what many skin care lines offer for the same value. It is quite impressive that the variety of more than 50 products are less than $10

Therefore, if you want to upgrade your skincare routine to something that is not only good for your body but also good for your pocket and animals as well, this is the brand you may just be searching for!

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