Vivalux Anti Aging Serum

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vivaluxVivalux Anti-Aging Serum has helped smooth out the wrinkles and fine line on my face and neck area. Now I don’t look so tired all the time!

Jonna Spencer, Santa Cruz, CA

Our skin too gets dehydrated. Over-drying of the skin causes many problems, from itchiness, irritation to rashes. Skin dehydration also causes early signs of aging. Vivalux is the ultimate skin renewal and hydration collagen serum. It is made to make your skin feel and look youthful and supple.

Vivalux Benefits

  1. Moisture increase to 80%
  2. 96% skin elasticity
  3. 84% decrease of fine lines and wrinkles

With Vivalux, you can get a youthful, vibrant and beautiful skin. And you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on expensive products or even go through the pain of injections. Vivalux collagen serum is made with a clinically proven formula. You don’t have to worry about the effects of paralyzing toxins, which are absent in this advanced serum formula.

Aging is part of life. But stress, hectic lifestyle, stress and pressure, triggers the process at an early stage. Aging destroys the protective barrier of our skin layer. This causes the skin to become drier than before. As a result, the signs of aging are pretty visible.

The advanced formulation used in the Vivalux Collagen Serum helps in enhancing the level of firmness and hydration in the skin. It is made with a unique concoction of active ingredients. The process further reduces all the signs of aging by decreasing fine lines and wrinkles.

Vivalux – How it works?

Vivalux Collagen Serum is made with a blend of active ingredients, clinically proven and technologically advanced. This formulation works on the dermal layer, restoring, repairing and rejuvenating the skin. Vivalux serum functions from the cellular level, hydrating and reinforcing the skin structure. It is a facial cream containing 4 vital components.

Vivalux is made with a unique ratio and blend of active ingredients. The formula penetrates the skin through every layer. It repairs the skin cell structure and aids in the process of vanishing every sign of aging. The formulation revives and rejuvenates the natural levels of the skin, which are:

  • Fibronectin
  • Hyaluronic Acid
  • Collagen

Vivalux Collagen Serum Ingredients

  1. Green Tea Extract – It is enriched with antioxidants and Methylxanthines. The antioxidants provides skin protection from free radicals. Methylxanthines aids in the stimulation of skin microcirculation and overall health.
  2. Trylagen – This is a blend of peptides and proteins. It aids in the restoration of the natural essence of the skin and also stimulated the production of collagen.
  3. Jojoba Seed Oil – Jojoba seed oil reduces skin dryness and wrinkles. It moisturizes the skin, as it is water based and is not prone to easy evaporation.
  4. Vitamin A – It is an organic compound, ideal for ensuring good skin health. The component works in the skin, converting it to retinoic acid.

Vivalux is recommended by dermatologists and made by medical experts. It delivers results and not side effects. It is a product of a decade’s development process.

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    Where can I buy Vivalux in bulk?

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    I am so ready to get my shipment of Vivalux!

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