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I finally got my package of Opuderm Anti-Aging Serum and am so excited to try it and review this product for you guys! Below are my results.

Samantha Jenkins, Newport, CA

You’ve spent your entire saving in anti-aging products, went through the painful botox procedure but alas, didn’t get the desired results. The wrinkles and fine lines have reappeared. What option do you have left now? Well, there is one solution available for you and it is called Opuderm. It is a skincare supplement, made with an advanced formula to provide hydration to your skin and maintenance of its cellular layers, thereby leaving you with a supple, beautiful and youthful looking skin!

Opuderm is a wholesome anti-aging product, formulated and clinically proven to deliver skin free of every sign of aging. It provides flexibility, and brightness to your skin. The ingredients that have been formulated, are components renowned for supporting skin health and enhancing the same.

Opuderm Ingredients

It is formulated with advanced and patented ingredients. These components hydrate the skin, fight wrinkles, fine lines and make your skin appear beautiful, youthful and clean!

Opuderm brigthens up dull and drab looking skin, thereby rejuvenating it to the core. It also reduces dark spots, with the help of its active natural ingredients, like Green tea extract and fruit acid. The fruit acid and grape stem cells fight wrinkles and provide skin youthful appearance. Ginkgo is a soy-based micronized liposomes. It penetrates deep into the skin, hydrates and rebuild skin’s ability to retain moisture. Furthermore, AHA helps in the exfoliation process, clearing out pores and renewing the skin!

  1. Macadamia Nuts – These nuts are enriched with palmitoleic acid (fatty acid), which provides skin protection that from radical cells, known to damage the skin cells and cause wrinkles.
  2. Vitamin A – Grape stem cells aid in the skin cell repair process, and provide protection to the skin from harmful UV rays.
  3. Fruit Acids – AHA fruit acids or Alpha-hydroxy Acid works to loosen the dead skin cells and provide clear, soft and smooth skin.
  4. Trylagen – These are microscopic protein components that are known to trigger skin health changes. They aid in the stimulation of collagen production.
  5. Ginkgo Biloba – Ginkgo Biloba is a Maidenhair tree extract, known to boost microcirculation and prevention of vascular imperfection. The extract also is an antioxidant agent.
  6. Green Tea Extract – Green tea extract or polyphenols are anti-inflammatory and antioxidant components. They reduce the appearance of every sign of aging.

Opuderm Benefits:

Collagen production decreases, as we start aging. This causes our skin to lose suppleness and flexibility. As a result, our skin starts developing wrinkles, spots and fine lines. Opuderm is formulated with ingredients that boost collagen production and help in preventing skin aging signs.

How will Opuderm Help you?

  1. It works to eliminate every sign of aging from appearing in the skin.
  2. It boosts skin health.
  3. It aids in the expansion of flexibility.
  4. It is ideal for every skin type.
  5. It is formulated to target the troubled areas.
  6. It repairs cells and fights wrinkles.

Where to buy?

You can only find Opuderm Skin Care online which I don’t really like but it is convenient when it comes to the front door. They are only giving so many trial bottles away a day so if you want one then you will have to hurry. You can click below to see if there are bottles left!












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