Cream Vs. Serum – Which Is Better For You?

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Cream vs. Serum

It is quite surprising that most of us ladies don’t really know the difference between creams and serums. If you are among them, you have come to the right place because at the end of this read, you will know how to distinguish them so that you can make a decision on which of the two you should incorporate into your skincare routine. There are two major distinct differences between the creams and the serums, they are:

1. Texture

Typically, creams tend to be more oil-based while serums are water-based. Since serums are water-based, their absorption into the skin is easier and the active ingredients of the product are absorbed into the skin at a faster rate, making the effects more pronounced. This means that depending on the type of your skin using cream may make your face feel clogged because it is an oil-based product. If for instance you have combination or oily skin, using cream may leave your face feeling too shiny, or greasy and it could even lead to breakouts. But then again, if you have a skin type that is extremely dry, a serum will not be as effective in boosting the moisture content of your skin as cream would.

2. Concentration of active ingredients

Usually, serums are infused with a higher concentration of active ingredients when compared to creams. In fact, serums are mostly aimed at dealing with specific skincare problems such as sagging skin, wrinkles and crow’s feet. You will find that most serums in the market are deemed effective as age-defying solutions and this is mainly because of the ingredient concentration which makes them extra powerful.

On the other hand, creams are often formulated for purposes of boosting the moisture content of the skin. Furthermore, since you are supposed to apply cream frequently for stepping up the water retention capacity of your skin, you end up using more of the product and that is why they are mostly found in bigger sized containers. When you look at serums, their packaging tends to come in smaller sized bottles.

Again, as a result of their concentration, the majority of the instructions for usage of serums insist that you just need a drop or two to apply onto the problematic area while you may be instructed to apply a quarter-sized dollop of cream onto the whole of your face.

How to use them.

If you have either oily skin or very dry skin then you must choose accordingly; for oily skin, use serums and if you have the dry skin type, stick to creams. Conversely, depending on the type of skin that you have of course, you could boost the effectiveness of your skincare regimen by using a little of both. Wat you have to remember is to start with the lighter product fast before you set your hands on the heavier one. This is best especially if you are following an anti-aging routine. Pay attention to the needs of your skin type and see how it responds, that way, you will know which way to go.

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