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California Smile Teeth Whitening Kit

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california smileWhen I first got my California Smile Teeth Whitening Kit I was so surprised at how white my teeth had gotten after the first use! Can’t wait to see my teeth after a month of using this thing.

Melisa Conor, Baltimore, Maryland

This teeth whitening kit is rumored to have been used by certain celebs in Hollywood that have the best looking teeth. So many different stars from Kylie Jenner to Riff Raff have been shown using popular teeth whitening kits on the go.

Now that teeth whitening is more affordable you can get the same whitening kit that your dentist would use right from the comfort of your own living room. The California Smile Teeth Whitening Kit is so versatile you can even use it on the go! Many of customers use them in the car on their way to work.

How does California Smile Work?

We’ve all been envious of that person we know with perfectly white and sparkling teeth. Everyone has used the Crest whitening strups you can get a Wal-mart, they dont work. The California Smile Teeth Whitening Kit has a patented design that uses high tech whitening gel and a state of the art whitening light to give you a Hollywood bright smile after just a couple uses.

california smile teeth whitening

Before & After

The California Smile kit is FDA approved and they claim to use the highest quality and most potent whitening gel. That is the reason your teeth get white so quickly. It is because you are using the best quality materials to remove stains safely.

California Smile Teeth Whitening Kit targets the worst of the worst teeth stains. It can fight against smoking stains, even if you have smoked for years. This kit can get rid of coffee stains that are extremely hard to get off if you drink coffee every day. This kit evens fights white spots on your teeth. Some people get white spots after antibiotics or braces.

How to use California Smile Teeth Whitening Kit?

This kit is known for it’s simple easy to use system. The three step process will have you on your way to whiter teeth.

  1. First use the desensitization gel on your teeth to decrease the feeling on your teeth during the treatment.
  2. Put the whitening gel all around the inside of the mouthguard. Make sure you have it from front to back.
  3. Now insert the mouth piece and turn on the 6 lamp patent LED light on to activate your treatment.

You want to leave the kit running for about 15 minutes on your first treatment.

How much does California Smile Teeth Whitening Kit Cost?

Normally the California Smile Teeth Whitening system retails for $200 plus shipping. For a limited time you can save by bundling the kits. If you buy 3 more kits that is where you are really going to save. The prices are listed below:

5 California Smile Teeth Whitening Kits (75% off) = $49/each

3 California Smile Teeth Whitening Kits (65% off) = $69/each

1 California Smile Teeth Whitening Kit (50% off) = $49/each

We recommend getting at least three California Smile Teeth Whitening Kits so you can lock in your saving and get a great rate. You can give them as gifts to your family and friends and they will be surprised at how high tech and cool these things are, not to mention how good they work.

You can get up to 75% off by visiting the official discount page below. Supplies will not last!

california smile teeth whitening kit

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